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May 7, 2018
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FredMUN 2016

Honorable Mr. George Demosthenous Professor and Rector of Federic University, Honorable Mr. Dimitris Fatouros, Communication Officer for Greece and Cyprus / United Nations Regional Information Centre, Dear Colleagues, dear FREDMUN Participants, Ambassadors from all over the world, ladies and gentlemen.

I am honored and happy to be here with you today at the opening ceremony of the 1st FREDMUN organized by the Frederic University-the first UN Model at the University level in Cyprus.

Mr President, Mr Rector, Mr Kouroupi, chief academic officer of FREDMUN, please accept my sincere congratulations  to you and all the administrative staff of your university for the excellent organization.

I am also happy to see the numbers of participation of Cypriot students from almost all universities of the Country, students from Greece and abroad, impressed by the warm interest showed by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, and happy for the presence of Mr.Fatouros, always ready to support such initiatives.

Dear Delegates, participating in UN Models is first of all knowing about the whole UN system-UN and specialized Agencies and the work they have accomplished for 71Years, to bring peace in the world.

Peace, the most valuable right ever, the prerequisite to enjoy all human rights and above all the right to life.

Participating in FREDMUN you invest for a bright future-as it was showed by Mr. Fatouros earlier this morning-, and for educational experience.

You live the dream of the United Nations, providing to yourselves deeper understanding of:

  • multilateral diplomacy
  • strengthen negotiating and leadership skills
  • improve the ability to anticipate evolving scenarios of complex issues

Participation in UNM increases your understanding of multilateral organizations, empower your capacity to negotiate and interact in a qualified international environment.

You are involved in substantial research, public speaking, debating and writing, critical thinking, team work and leadership activities, which will help you whatever courses you choose in life!!!

Thus you get an experience of the complexity of international relations, how to negotiate among diverse people and perspectives, the challenge of achieving consensus, the patience required to win progress.

Above all, being involved in UN Models, you know how international community works, because soon you will be the leaders, the politicians, the government officials, diplomats, lawyers, defenders of Human Rights. You have the power to turn the tides of history.

Thank you for being here with us

  • You can shape the world for the better
  • You can provide to the UN and other organizations what the world wants, what the world needs at this crucial moment.

You can only implement all 17 goals of the sustainable development agenda for 2030.

So, dear participants, please work hard, study hard, negotiate with diplomatic courtesy, you can solve all international issues included in your committee’s agenda,

I wish you all good luck and great and just resolutions,

I wish you all to enjoy every minute of this historic 1st FREDMUN



FREDMUN University

Nicosia 18/11/2016

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